Haberler ve Röportaj Hizmetleri

▶︎ With the help of an expert news team, including experienced reporters and independent article writers, as well as professional photographers and videographers, Xerxes Media covers any cultural news event held throughout the Middle East in the best and most complete way possible.

Together with News specialized team, these reporters will prepare text and photo/video reports on the venue and cultural events throughout the Middle East by attending in all these venues. Independent journalists and writers produce articles with great details and precision, and their fellow photographers help them of professional photographs and films for make these reports live and touchable.

The materials and articles prepared are available to the largest and most prestigious international and local publications, as well as well-known and popular news agencies throughout the Middle East. These publications and news agencies include: newspapers and magazines (print or online), news and cultural websites, news social media pages, local and international radio and television networks, & etc., in all countries throughout the Middle East.

Therefore, by covering any kind of cultural programs and ceremonies throughout the Middle East, in addition to informing the audience about what is going on in each event, they play an important role in promoting that event in the region and increase their credibility.

Also, in events that are held annually or periodically, it will make them and their related brands more successful in the years to come and will provide them with a larger audience.

Xerxes Media is proud to work with the most important, highest quality, most popular news agencies, magazines and publications in the entire Middle East, and to provide them with the results of their efforts, articles, texts, photos, & videos reports to contribute for have progress in the development and promotion of Middle Eastern countries in around the world.

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