AR ve VR Hizmetleri

▶︎ In today's world, every moment and every second is important and influential. The use of smart technologies is becoming more widespread and fewer people in the world are missing out on this opportunity.  Smart phones are booming, and most people around the world use them every day.

The use of mobile-related technologies is increasingly being used by the most reputable and largest international companies today due to the facilities they provide to users and audiences. that would make the most effective for your products or services.

Using special IT and technology teams, and using the latest advertising and information methods, Xerxes Media is proud to offer one of the world's most innovative technologies related to modern technology to their customers.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) combine what happens in the real world with the most advanced technologies in the virtual world, creating a better understanding of your company's product or service for your customers.

That way, customers of your product or service can scan your product or barcode with just one smartphone and enjoy the millions of features and information you want them to offer.


Here are some features and capabilities of virtual reality and augmented reality:

Provide more specifications and information about your product and services,
    adding this information on the product itself, will take up a lot of space.

Provide more information needed by the customer in all languages of the world.

Add more photos of the product, films, animations, & etc. to the collection of information you want to provide to your customers.

Learn customers how to use your products or services virtually.

Show more information about the variety of other products you have in relation to the same product.

Display product content, ingredients, material of each piece and any information you would like to provide to your customer.

Replacing the product in the customer's desired environment to better understand dimensions, volume and size of the product.

Add a variety of entertainment, contests, and visual effects to attract more customers.

Display discounts, campaigns, and seasonal and occasional auctions for each product separately.

Direct connection of customers to social networks, websites, or online shopping ports.

And thousands of other features that can be designed and implemented according to your needs and based on the type of your  
    products or services.

It should be noted that in addition to providing more information to your customers, you will also receive very important information about the tastes and desires of your customers. You will find out which of your stores and in which city or country most of your customers buyers.

What the most language do your customers speak and where is your main target market? Each of your products or services will be noticed by your customers several times a day, week, month and year. And thousands of pieces of information that can multiply the sales of your product or service and increase the quality of your service.

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to improve your brand, product or service.


Every moment and every second is important and even achieving a new customer is very influential in today's competitive world.

Welcome to today's world…



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