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▶︎ Do you want trade and commerce in Middle East?


▶︎ Do you want to sell your products and services on the Middle East markets?


▶︎ Do you want advertise your products with the best and latest international commercial methods in Middle East markets?


▶︎ Do you want to use a eager market with around 300 million of rich peoples lives in Middle East?



This is exactly why you need our helps!






Xerxes Media with 20 years of continuous presence in the Middle East (Turkey, Iraq, Iran, UAE) & Based in Istanbul, is a significant contribution in introducing and selling international products and services in these markets.


This company with knowledge and proficiency of the Middle East market and also  use of professional personnels in different sections of media services, providing & administering the best ways to introduce more integrated and sell your product or service in Iran and the other countries in Middle East


Do not miss this limited opportunity. Use of this unique situation and contact us with more information and using our latest advertising specific packages.

Your benefits

in using of xerxes company's services

Get to know the preferences and needs of the Middle East region and receive your product's feedback directly.

Do all the projects levels on the Internet and Online.

Provide services of the highest quality and cheaper than Europe and America.

Fast delivery and 24/7 services.

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